Fundraising with 19 8ighty 9ine Design is easy and fun


Are you struggling to find a simple and effective way to raise funds  for your cause?


During the COVID-19 era, finding a way to raise money while minimizing risk and exposure can be especially difficult. 

Whether you’re a school, sports team, church, or non-profit, the classic, standard bake sale is just not going to cut it right now, so we need to think of other ways to raise money.

 It’s time to get creative with your fundraising ideas, and 19 8ighty 9ine Design is here to help.


Earn Money For Your Cause

Here’s  how it works:

First-   Choose your products

19 8ighty 9ine  will help you choose a few T-shirt designs for you to offer to your customers.   You sell, and collect the funds from them, and submit your order to us. 

Generally the retail price of each T-shirt is $35.00   You will earn 25% of each t-shirt sold, so your cause will receive $8.75 from each shirt sold. 


Second-   Sell

 Once we determine the start date of your fundraiser and we choose which T-shirts you want to offer, you can begin to collect your  orders from your supporters.

 Third- Submit your order

Submitting your t-shirt order is easy.

Simply enter your bulk T-shirt order on the website, enter your unique code (that will be given to you when you sign up for the fundraiser ) at checkout when you pay for the order. 

This code will allow you a 25% discount, so you are able to keep and manage your profits yourself.

You can scan and email/fax your orders if you prefer not to enter the orders online.

Once your bulk order is submitted and paid for, the T-shirts will be created.   

It will only take a few days to get them all made up and ready to ship out to you at no cost. 

Fourth-  Distribute your orders to your customers 

Once you receive your order, you can distribute the items to the customers.


Ready to start fundraising?   Contact us and we will get you started.